Tana Duncan

Owner, Chef, Event Stylist

Tana Duncan is a Natural Foods Chef working in the Bay Area. She has honed her skills over 15 years of working in professional restaurants, catering and providing personal and private chef services. She began her culinary path very young living in rural NW Montana when she became intrigued with nutrition and health and combined that with a deep appreciation for home-cooking and a natural palate for flavor combing.  A certified Feng Shui practitioner and longtime interior decorating fanatic, creating table and event design is part of her repertoire. She has always dabbled in fine art; creating tasty and vibrant food became another extension of that.  Business focused, organized and accountable, you are sure to be impressed with the follow through and detail that goes into your event.

Salt & Stone Catering is the sister business to her personal and private chef services. More information, s about her culinary history, menus and photos can be found at:



Her mission is to pack as much nutrition and flavor into each bite as possible; the "wow" factor is the goal. 

Tana lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her charming and hilarious nine-year-old son. 


Gourmet Appetizer
Pumpkin Soup
Meat Dish
Decorated Donuts
Fresh Salad