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Tana Duncan

Owner, Chef, Event Stylist

Tana J Duncan is a Bay Area based Natural Foods Chef. She has honed her skills over 18 years of restaurant work, boutique catering and personal /private chef services. She began her culinary path young with a natural palate for flavor, eye for beauty and interest in nutrition, diet and health.  She has always created fine art; interesting and vibrant food has become an extension of that.  A certified Feng Shui practitioner and longtime interior decorating fanatic, creating table and event design is part of her repertoire. 

Salt & Stone Catering is the catering entity to accompany her personal and private chef services. More information about her culinary history, menus and photos can be found at:

Her mission is to pack as much nutrition and flavor into each bite as possible; the "wow" factor is the goal.  

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